Bifunctional platinum-incorporated polyoxoniobate derived catalyst for N-formylation of piperidine using CO2
V. Chudatemiya, S. Kikkawa, J. Hirayama, R. Takahata, T. Teranishi, M. Tamura, S. Yamazoe
Asian J. Org. Chem., accepted (DOI:

Alkaline salt of platinum-incorporated heteropolyoxoniobate [Pt(Nb6O19)2]12 (Pt(Nb6)2) was fabricated and applied for N-formylation of various amines including piperidine under CO2 and H2 atmosphere. Pt(Nb6)2 achieved the selective formation of 1-formylpiperidine, whereas the absence of Pt species, H2, and CO2 resulted in a trace amount of the product. The structural characterization revealed that the sandwich-type structure of Pt(Nb6)2 was transformed into Pt nanoparticles incorporated with polyoxoniobates ([Nb6O19]8) on the NbOx bulk matrix (NbPOM-PtNPs/NbOx) under reaction conditions. The N-formylation of amines in the presence of CO2 and H2 proceeded by the bifunctional NbPOM-PtNPs/NbOx where the basic sites of [Nb6O19]8 and the redox property of Pt promoted the generation of formamides.