xTunes: A new XAS processing tool for detailed and on-the-fly analysis
Hiroyuki Asakura, Seiji Yamazoe⁠,⁠* Teppei Misumi, Aki Fujita, Tatsuya Tsukuda, Tsunehiro Tanaka*
A new X-ray absorption spectrum processing tool, xTunes, with a friendly graphical user interface was developed to handle large XAS data sets. It is written in Fortran and Visual Basic. xTunes can import XAS data and perform basic XAS processing, such as background subtraction, normalization, extraction of EXAFS oscillation, Fourier transform, etc. The main feature of xTunes is live data plotting of XAS data stored in a target directory, in real-time, with pre-processed XAS data parameters, to efficiently handle time-resolved data from quick XAFS measurement. It also integrates ATOMS code to generate FEFF input files and FEFF8.5L code for conventional EXAFS curve fitting analysis.